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Extended Family Photographer

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As a family photographer one of my favorite family sessions is the extended family session.  You might be asking what is an extended family session??  Well let me tell you!! An extended family session is where you gather everyone you can from your family.  Grab Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, cousins, brother’s, sisters and don’t forget those friends that we all have that ARE FAMILY!!  Then we group everyone together and get one gorgeous group photo like this one…

Lutz Family Photographer

In my humble opinion this one is wall worthy!! Just look at all those smiling faces.  Don’t worry about your little ones looking at the camera and smiling I will take care of getting their attention I promise!! Next, we break up into smaller groups with each family unit. I love to get get generations photos, that Grandma and all the girls or Grandma and all the boys. Here are a few examples of some typical photos taken during an extended family session:

Lutz Family Photographer

Oh one more thing I forgot to mention I love adding a few silly images into each session that keeps our time together from getting to stuffy or boring.  Just look at those brothers being well brothers?  They came up with this photo on their own but I love how they are just laughing with each other don’t you ?! Or when I yell everyone do something silly the kids have a great time and it’s an amazing tension buster.

Lilly you have a beautiful family!! I hope that you enjoy these photos and display them proudly in your beautiful home.

Want to book an extended  family session of your own?  Contact Me by clicking here!! By the way these make amazing gifts for that Mom or Grandma that has everything !!


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