high school seniors in cap and gowns

I’ve heard it said a memory captured is a memory remembered. A trip down my memory lane…..

Memories, we all have them but what triggers our memories? Photographs of course!! Have you ever started a tradition by accident? Way back in 2006 that is exactly what happened. After becoming a stay at home Mom with our oldest daughter, I met an amazing group of supportive women at a nursing group and soon we set off on a 5 year adventure together.

I always loved photography, I just hadn’t learned photography yet. So I took our little girl to a local chain every month the first year of her life to capture her. I have the most adorable collage that I made of her for her first birthday. I HIGHLY recommend at least taking a snap every month, in the same place or marked so you will always remember; not to mention it is amazing to watch them grow!

Jump ahead 5 years….

Not to bore you on this stroll, I will jump forward to summer of 2007 the summer before the girls were going to start kindergarten. Her best friend, favorite friend, friend whose name she pronounced a different way every time she said it was going to the mall to have her photos done at the chain store I had recommended to her Mom. Well on a whim, and at the photographers suggestion we put the girls together for a few photos. Oh MY GOSH they were so cute, I bought a tiny 5×7 collage of them. It had only 3 photos but it was ADORABLE! You will have to trust me on this because due to copy right laws I can’t share this first adorable collage. But trust me when I say it is adorable and it started a small tradition for our families.

Flash forward to 2012 the girls are still best friends even though they go to different schools and at this point even live about an hour apart. They are entering MIDDLE SCHOOL. By 2012 I starting my journey into the wonderful world of photography and thought hey lets make sure we capture them going into middle school . In my early photography days I liked the idea of studio photography so I had simple backdrops and lighting! And we did it we captured these cuties going into middle school together.

Biased?? Who me? Ok Maybe a little!! The whispering pose was from the original collage.

Jump ahead 3 years….

Almost as fast as in this story 3 years time jumped forward and the girls were in 8th grade!! They were going to be in high school!! Where did our babies go? Of course we captured them … braces and all !! Here is the resulting collage

Girls collage entering highschool

You can see the entire blog post written on this session HERE

Jump 4 years more….

And just like that we blinked and it was 4 years later, these amazing young women grew up right in front of our eyes. They were graduating high school … I am still in a bit of shock. And when they actually LEAVE for collage end of August no I probably won’t be ok. I mean of course I will be ok, they are moving on to the next chapters in their lives. But if my eyes are a little teary well don’t ask because I may just start to cry on you !

high school seniors in cap and gowns

I don’t know if we will be lucky enough to get one more final collage from these young ladies. We brought back the secret telling in this last collage, can you believe they are refusing to tell me their secret exchanged?!

And that’s why I say memories captured are memories remembered. Every time I go in their room I see the collages proudly displayed and it makes my heart smile. These are my memories, want to capture memories of your own ? CONTACT ME by clicking the link, email me at or call / text me at 813-434-3232

I would love to capture your families memories!!

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