Mother’s Day Special 2020

Mother's Day Composite Photo

Composite | Mother’s Day Gift $10

Did you know Mother’s Day is less then 2 weeks away ? I know my days are all starting to run together a little amidst the Corna Virus stay at home orders. I also know that we want to show our Mom’s how much we love them ! This is a unique easy gift that I know every Mom would love to add to their desk.

What is it ?

This is a composite photo. What does that mean? It means that you will provide the photo of your child or children and I will insert them into the template. There are 2 options:

You will provide a photo of your child to be inserted in the middle. It is easy to take a good photo. Your cell phone will work perfectly !!

How do I get one?

  • Go to this link and purchase the design you like best. Only $10 !!
  • E-mail me the photo of your child to
  • I will e-mail you back the composite photo within 48 hours
  • Upload to your favorite local printer. I highly recommend MPIX but you may not have time for them to deliver in time.
  • Frame Mom’s Mother’s Day 2020 special gift!

Tips on taking a good cell phone photo

  • Keep it fun!! Find good light not too bright not too dark! Not looking directly into the sun. Don’t use your flash.
  • Make sure your child is dressed in clean clothes, and hair and teeth are brushed. Maybe have them help pick a favorite outfit from their closet. Kids love to be included in these decisions!
  • Heading out side is great if you can find full shade. You don’t want bright light on their face or sun in their eyes. Best time is early morning or evening as the sun is setting.
  • A plain / empty wall works great inside too !
  • Pay attention to what is behind their head if it shows in the photo it will show in your composite. Make sure not to come to close leave some space all around your child.
  • Tell them a joke or better yet have them tell you a joke. Most kids laugh at their own jokes just be ready to take lots of photos.
  • Pick your favorite !
  • That’s it ! Keep the back ground simple

Here is an example of a good photo to use and the resulting composite:

Mothe's Day Composite
Notice all the space around our model, framed nicely with the trees. While the house is behind her it is white and is not distracting!
Only thing better in this one is the blue car right above her head luckily there was enough room for it not to show. The light on her face is nice and bright in the photo.
Final image taken inside using window light. That means the chair is in front of the window providing lots of beautiful natural light.

Make this Mother’s Day special with the 5×7 personalized print!

Have questions send me a text at (813)434-3232 or e-mail me at I would love to help make this Mother’s Day special for you and your family. And when we are allowed to get together again I would love to work with your family for a portrait session !

Make Mother’s Day 2020 Special !!

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