New Tampa Teen Photo

Teen Playing Saxaphone

Joseph | Junior Bay Winds Musician

Teen Photo Saxaphone

New Tampa Teen Photo | USF | JBAY | All County Elite Band

Teen Playing Saxaphone

This photo was a special request and so fun to create! I love when my families bring me fun ideas to try ! Thanks for the idea, I hope to incorporate this into my upcoming senior photos and teen sports photos. And she ordered a beautiful mounted 8 x10 to show off in her office. I hope she looks at it every day and smiles. Mounted prints are so fun because they are thicker then a standard print and can be displayed easily in a photo stand.

Tampa Teen Saxaphone Photo

Joseph’s mom was so excited about his first performance in his new tux and she just had to capture this moment. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of my mini moments plan. Mini moments are for families that have booked a full session in the past 12 calendar months. They are 30 minutes mini sessions that focus on a special moment that you want to remember for ever. I think Joseph’s big concert is perfect how about you ?

New Tampa teens have so many opportunities JBAY and All County Elite Band are two of those amazing opportunities Tampa offers our kids. Joseph started playing the Saxophone in October of 2018. He practices daily 45 minutes and weekly for 2 hours with his JBAY Bank, now that’s some real commitment! Joseph’s favorite Sax player is Leo Pelligrino check him out on you tube you won’t be sorry he is very entertaining and I can see why Joseph would follow him!

Bond Joseph Bond | Tampa Teen Photo

Teen Boy in Tux

While discussing the photo shoot Joseph’s mom revealed to me that her husband loves James Bond and she was wondering if we could work in a few standard James Bond poses. These were SO MUCH FUN! Joseph really got into this … ok well he may have looked at me like I was a little bit crazy but really if that doesn’t happen at least once during a photo session did the photo session really happen ? I want you to have fun during your photos and I will ask you to do some crazy things during your session like oh sniff your shoulder or in Joseph’s case play with your cuff-lings.

That request wasn’t really that weird, I mean yeah he wasn’t wearing any but we can pretend right?! Lisa loved the whole series so much she ordered mini accordion albums as Christmas gifts! I hear they were a big hit ! Make sure you ask me about mini accordion albums; they are a great way to showcase 10 images in a neat little 3×3 album. I would love to show you a sample one!

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