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Grandmother Gift Ideas | Tampa Bay Florida

Finding that Perfect Mother’s Day gift can be challenging right?! Well I have a few ideas for you!! I know what your thinking Mother’s Day isn’t for another 2 months but NOW is the time to start thinking about what you want to give Mom and Grandma!!

As a photographer I naturally go towards photography related gifts. I love photography gifts because they are unique and personal. Well at least I think so ! I used to struggle every year with what to get Grandma and we have 3 sets of grandparents and 2 sets of great grandparents so I have always tried to start early. Notice the word tried; that means I’m often up late nights putting these gifts together; but I’m sure you will be much better then me !!

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

“Perfect” that’s a strong word don’t you think? Yeah, me too I guess what I mean is LOVED Mother’s Day gifts. As you might guess, I am always taking photos of our kiddos and probably 10 years ago I solved one of my biggest struggles every year, finding that perfect Mother’s Day gift. I started making each Grandmother a yearly photo album and guess what they LOVED them. I highly recommend using a professional printer for all your photographic needs, one that I like to refer my clients to is MPIX

Photo Books

My photo books have evolved greatly over the past 10 years so here are some of my Pro Tips:

  1. Dedicate 1 page to each child. List important fact about your child, best friend, hobbies, special accomplishments. I like to include their school, grade I write a little bio up to summarize their year. Obviously include photos that really highlight this child.
  2. Dedicate 1 page to all the family birthdays that year.
  3. Cover each holiday, including photos with other family members.
  4. Mix in professional portraits with candid photos. Just make sure that you have copy right release to reprint those photos!! When you purchase a digital from me, you will be e-mailed a copy right to print your own portraits.
  5. Have FUN !! When you see your families past year in print I bet your going to want to print one for yourself too!


My other favorite gift, which I give the great grandparents every year is a photo calendar. I typically send this at Christmas time, since you know the new year begins in January. This is a simpler project then the photos books. You can even add a special gift card to certain months, like when they flip to May for Mother’s Day you can have already placed a gift card for their favorite restaurant. OR a $5 Coffee Gift card on February for Valentine’s day or just a long winter pick me up . You can have all sorts of fun with these!!

My Pro – Tips for making a Calendar:

  1. Add all the family birthday on the calendar .
  2. Make the photo relevant to the month. So in October I typically include Halloween, and a photo of me since that is my birthday month.
  3. Summer fun can go in the summer months
  4. Back to school photos go in September for us even though we start back in August, since we have a birthday girl in August!
  5. HAVE FUN!!


My final Mother’s Day gift suggestion is photo magnets. If you have that print release from your photographer you can easily have the photo printed on a magnet at MPIX. I have 4 photo magnets on my fridge and they are so useful.

If you have any tips that you would like to share I would love to hear!!

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