Sunlake High School Class of 2020

Skit Night

And so it begins Sunlake High School Class of 2020 ! Seniors you have a big year ahead of you ! So many special first, lasts. It is an honor to capture this moment for the Johnson Family!

What is skit night? Well at Sunlake highschool each class puts on a short play. Judges are looking for Seahawk Spirit, creativity, costume design, plot and script the use of the current years Homecoming theme. (Mythical). Most classes chose to have the Sickles Gryphons be the “enemy” of their skit because they versed Sickles High School for their homecoming game.

Senior class skit

The Class of 2020’s skit is about a princess and her loyal knight traveling from kingdom to kingdom and village to village to retrieve their stolen goods. They face tough challenges but with the help of new friends they retrieve their goods.

Sunlake High School Skit Night

Just look at that Seahawk Spirit!

Sunlake Highschool Class of 2020 skit Night
Sunlake High School Skit
Sunlake High School Skit night

Seniors Win!! Sunlake High School class of 2020!

Seniors Win Skit night

After all the skits were performed it was time to announce the winner!! Go Class of 2020 you did an amazing job! You should be very proud of yourselves.

Senior Poster Walk

Here the seniors have made posters to thank their parents and guardians for all they have done for them. So heartwarming!!

Senior Poster Walk

Now for the most unique part of the evening. It is time for the Senior’s parents to take the stage and they have prepared a skit for their children. I have to tell you parents you did a fabulous job!! REALLY!! These parents spent several weeks practicing, they danced to several songs their children would have grown up listening to . The Wiggles Fruit salad flooded memories back for me!! Another amazing touch I thought was where they had the current principal and the principal from Rushe Middle School give their seniors a message.

Sunlake High School Parents skit night
Parens at Skit night
Parents at Skit night

I just loved all the smiles the seniors had, and a few happy tears while watching their parents perform for them.

Students watching parents at skit night

The evening ended with the parent’s poster walk of their own

Thank you again to the Johnson family for allowing me to capture this moment for you !

If you want to find out more information about having me photograph a moment in your Senior’s life contact me HERE

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