Surprise Proposal at Vinoy Park

Lutz portrait man and women
Vinoy Park St. Petersburg

Surprise Proposal

I am always so honored when my current customers refer me to their friends and families. It is honestly the biggest compliment anyone can give. So when Jon contacted me telling me that his sister recommended me to capture him proposing to his girlfriend I was very excited. A huge shout out to Sarah for recommending me and a thank you to Jon for trusting me to capture this moment in your life! This is a first for me I had never photographed a proposal before and honestly worried that Arionna would figure me out ! Every time I thought she might look my way I quickly adjusted my camera and took a photo of the wildlife that surrounded us. Hence the photo of this cool pelican just chilling on the post!

Pelican at Vinoy Park

Jon told me that the reason he chose Vinoy Park was because this is where Arionna fell in love with him on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t think of a better reason to pick Vinoy Park can you ? I mean just look at this beautiful setting !!

Vinoy Park SailBoat Palm Trees

Here I captured Jon and Arionna walking up to look out over the water. Jon did an amazing job of keeping me informed with when they were coming. I’m not even sure how he managed !!

Vinoy Park Proposal

I just LOVE this photo of the two of them looking out over the water. I wonder what they were thinking!

Vinoy Park Proposal

Jon did an amazing job of relaying his plan so I knew exactly when to be ready! Arionna looked over at me and I quickly snapped a photo of this little guy. Funny afterwards she said she saw me taking photos of odd things and though hmmm that is strange. Glad she didn’t figure me out!!


The big moment | Surprise Proposal

Vinoy Park Surprise Proposal

Arionna’s reaction to Jon shows the love these two share! SHE SAID YES!! It was now time to take a few posed / prompted photos to mark this moment!

A few portraits

Engagment Photo Lutz
Couple portrait walking on beach

About Jon and Arionna

Jon and Arionna shared a few details with me about their lives so far together. They met each other at work nearly a year ago. Vinoy Park is one of their favorite places to go to watch the sunset and dolphins play. And finally that Arionna fell in love with Jon at Vinoy Park. Jon and Arionna I wish you two a lifetime of happiness!! I look forward to seeing you both again soon!

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